Service & Installation

Residential Installations: Beautify your home

A custom aquarium from TL Reefs adds value, beauty, and prestige to your home.  We will build the perfect setup in accordance with your preference and space.  We will meet with you to ensure our design meets your needs and expectations, and blends with the theme of your home.
Not only is your aquarium fascinating and relaxing, but it is an educational experience for children.
The options for installing in your home can be as simple as a stand-alone system, or more elaborate designs such as in-wall, or a room divider.


Commercial Installations: A tranquil work environment
Your custom saltwater aquarium is an expression of the individuality of your business.  Whether it is for a soothing experience in your office, or for customers waiting to be served, the amazing color and motion will keep everyone mesmerized for hours.

Service and Maintenance
We are dedicated to helping you maintain your aquarium.
If you would like a more hands-on approach, we will provide guidance and advice on how to maintain all your equipment and ensure your water remains pristine for all your living inhabitants.
Or if you prefer to just sit back, relax, and enjoy your aquarium, let us do all the work for you.  We will create a custom service plan tailored to your specific setup.