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ORA Gold Nugget Maroon Clown

ORA Gold Nugget Maroon Clown

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The Gold Nugget Maroon clownfish is ORA's most distinct clownfish variety to date.  Its unique appearance is the result of a genetic mutation that manifests in a similar way to the mutation that produces the Platinum Percula. However, this Premnas designer goes through a transition as it matures, where its body changes from white to a shimmering gold.  The Gold Nugget’s fins are a dark maroon color, edged in fluorescent orange trim.  Their eyes are dark and fierce-looking against the gold body.  Some individuals exhibit an icy blue iridescence on the edges of their body.  Appearances aside, these fish are entirely a Gold Stripe Maroon in every other regard, so care must be taken when pairing, choosing tankmates or choosing tank size.

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