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Color Changing DI Resin, 1.25 lbs


DI Resin is used as a final stage in an RO/DI system to fully remove all ions and provide zero TDS water.  

Our DI Resin is a premium grade, gel type, high capacity, color indication mixed ion exchange resin prepared with a 1:1 chemically equivalent ratio of cation to anion resin. It is specially manufactured with a color indicator to visually show when the resin is exhausted and requires replacement. The beads will turn from a blue color to a light brown, or amber when exhausted.

A big concern with the giant bags of DI resin that you can purchase at discounted rates, is that once it is opened and exposed to air, it begins depleting.  Our DI resin is vacuum sealed in single-use mylar bags to prevent any air intrusion.  To maximize efficiency and shelf life, we only supply single use packets (but quantity discounts are available)!  Each packet is enough to fill one standard 10" refillable cartridge.

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