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TL Reefs

Reef Sump 36x16x16

Reef Sump 36x16x16

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TL Reefs 36" x 16" x 16" Sump

We designed this sump with simplicity and ease of use in mind. 

-  High quality cell cast acrylic construction, with precision welded seams.

-  All drain pipes are 1.5", allowing you to easily connect to any overflow system.  They drain to the far left side, where you can inspect for anything that may find its way down your drain pipes.

-  Comes standard with 2 x 7" filter socks.  Nearly twice as much filtering area as 4" socks.  The included sock silencers help to reducing splashing sounds.  And if any livestock does find its way into the sump, it will remain safely in the drain section, and not get trapped in the filter socks.

-  Tight fitting lid over the filter sock section further reduces noise, and helps with evaporation and salt creep.

-  Adjustable skimmer fence allows you to set the perfect water height for your protein skimmer.  Our custom made titanium thumb screws will lock the fence in place, and never rust.

- The bubble trap area uses aquamesh filter pads instead of the traditional open cell foam.  This efficiently traps all bubbles that escape your skimmer and prevents them from returning to your display. The larger filter structure does not trap detritus and rarely requires removal for cleaning.

- return pump section has 5 x 1/4" bulkheads for dosing tubes and makeup water.  1/4" acrylic tubing is included to direct the fluids straight down into your return section.  

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H): 36" x 16" x 16"
Acrylic thickness: 3/8" sides, 1/4" baffles
Drains: 3 x 1.5"
Filter socks: 2 x 7" with included sock silencers
Dosing inputs: 5 x 1/4" bulkheads
Drain Section: 4" x 16"
Protein Skimmer Section: 16" x 16". Opening is 13.5"L x 13"W
Return Pump Section: 6.5" x 16". Opening is 6.5"L x 12"W
Recommended Tank Size: Up to 350 Gallons

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