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Rox 0.8, Premium Carbon

Rox 0.8, Premium Carbon

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Rox 0.8 is the highest quality carbon. It consists of small pellets that are extremely hard and do not grind away like other carbons. It has a high number of large and small pores, making it very efficient in removing many types of impurities.

Instructions: Dosage = 1 tbsp per 10 gal.

If using a fluidized media reactor: Fill with the desired amount of carbon and hold in place with filter pad. Rinse the carbon by placing the return line in a bucket or sink, and run until water is clear. Adjust flow rate to a slower flow rate and ensure carbon is not tumbling.

If using a media bag: Place the desired amount of carbon in the media bag and rinse until it runs clear. Do not grind it while rinsing. Place in high flow area of sump or tank.

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