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TL Reefs

TL Reefs Magnetic Float Switch Holder

TL Reefs Magnetic Float Switch Holder

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Include Float Switches

This holder can accommodate up to two float switches.  Use for Auto Topoff Control, low level alarms, auto water changes, etc.  

If you choose to include float switches, they are custom made per our specs, to be the perfect solution for your auto topoff setup.  These are not the cheap float switches you typically see.  They have a 3 foot cable, with outer sheathing to keep your wires neat and tidy.

This set includes two switches; one for your low level, and one for the high level alarm.  The wires are labeled, for easy identification.  The low level switch is closed when at the bottom, and will open as it comes off the bottom of the stem.  The high level switch is open until it reaches the top and will close as it reaches the top of the stem.  You will get approximately 1/2" of distance between the low level and high level switching points.

- 10mm holes for up to M10 size float switches

- Strong Neodymium magnets combined with a grippy oring hold the box securely in place on aquarium thicknesses up to 3/4"

- Magnets are completely encased in cell cast acrylic and will never get water in them.  No worries about rusting magnets causing water quality issues.

- Dimensions: 3.5" Long x 2.5" Wide x 2.5" Tall

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